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SIICP (SMILES International Institute of Colo-Proctology) is one of the First Integrated colo-rectal hospitals in India. Bengaluru Smiles & Mandya Smiles – Units of SIICP are the leading colo-rectal specialty hospital dedicated to make the society free of lifestyle diseases and eradicate quackery (practice of medicine by fake doctors), which is costing millions of lives.

Our main facility at Mathikere, Bengaluru is the World’s 1st Integrated Colo-Rectal Hospital, reflecting medical excellence with comprehensive care. Every section of the hospital is designed to provide our patients with comfort and privacy.


Our facility offers large and spacious rooms for patients who require stay at the hospital. All efforts are made to provide the type of room that serves every purpose during your stay at SIICP. 

  • General Wards: Ensuring a comfortable & affordable treatment while providing 5-star amenities to every patient.
  • Single NON A/C: These are designed to suit your comfort, privacy and budget during your stay with all amenities to ensure a happy treatment.
  • A/C Deluxe Rooms: Fully air conditioned rooms with attached washroom equipped with modern amenities for best comfort & care.
  • Platinum Suites: Our best suites to ensure complete privacy is fully air conditioned with a LCD television, Refrigerator, microwave and telephone.
Colonoscopy Suite

Colonoscopy suite at SIICP, truly reflects international standards. We strive to provide you with finest quality of healthcare. All the equipment we use for treatments are internationally recognized and inspected regularly.

Operation Theater

On the OT floor, the circulation of patients and equipment is always on a one way system in order to guarantee maximum asepsis. All the Theatres have an automated climatization system and completely filtered ventilation which include passageways as well as accesses.The operating Theatres all have standardized equipment with state of the art technology and provide the following:

  • Direct access to the computerized Medical History from inside the theatre.
  • GE artificial respirators.
  • Haemodynamic monitors (invasive and non-invasive) with heart monitor, neurological monitor and CO2 reading.
  • Fully electronic operating tables with accessories for all procedures.
  • Triple medical gas points with evacuation of anaesthetic gases.
  • Pre-anaesthesia zone adjacent to each operating theatre.
  • Recovery room for post anaesthesia patient monitoring.

You do not have to run ourside everytime you need medicines and other supplies. Our 24 hours chemists prove to be of immense assistance and a necessary requirement. Our 24 hour pharmacy helps you get the medication you need from over the counter tablets and syrups to prescription drugs and other medical supplies.

WiFi Zone

Our hospital is Wifi enabled, patients can access internet in the patient rooms & in the lounge. You can check your mails and can work from the hospital itself in the times of need.

Smiles Lounge

Conveniently located on the ground level after the main entrance, Lounge can accommodate people arriving in wheelchairs and trolleys. Patients can comfortably wait prior to attending their appointment or before discharge.

Emergency and Casualty

Emergency and casualty services are one of the main pillars of our services. Our on duty doctor and staff nurses are always attentive to treat emergency cases.

Blood bank services

Blood Bank Services for Critical Care and Emergencies. SIICP ensures the availability of all blood types as and when needed for inpatient treatment and for emergency cases.

Radiology services

Radiology department at SIICP offers offers a comprehensive list of radiology services that play a pivotal role in a patient’s treatment. Radiology imaging is the technique and process of creating visual representations of the interior of a body for clinical radiology analysis and medical treatment. Various procedures performed are

  • X Ray chest
  • X ray abdomen
  • Barium Studies
  • CT Scan
  • Trans rectal ultrasound
CT scan

A computed tomography (CT) scan facility at Bengaluru Smiles – SIICP is  a sophisticated, state-of-the-art equipment with the capability of performing high-resolution imaging to examine the specific parts of the patient in great detail. It is a painless, noninvasive, and common imaging exam.

Trans Rectal Ultrasound

Transrectal ultrasound is an imaging modality where an ultrasound probe is inserted through the rectum and findings recorded. Since the sonographic waves are sent through the rectal wall and muscles, it’s a very useful instrument to know about the various anal sphincters , rectal wall , various fistula in ano, growth in any and of course the prostate gland as well .

Laboratory Services

Our laboratory is a very well equipped lab wherein all the patient related investigations are done under the same roof. Supervised by experienced pathologists and lab technicians, we have a wide array of hematological tests being done needed for the pre operative evaluation as well as the continuing treatment of the patient. Maintaining a very strict quality of control, the lab tends to the investigative needs in a very friendly yet proficient manner.

Various tests done are

  • Pre operative workup
  • Diabetic workup
  • Renal workup
  • Liver workup
  • Executive health check up
  • Hormonal work up
Manometry studies

Also known as oesophageal physiology studies is a procedure that measures how well the muscles of the food pipe (gullet, or oesophagus) are working. Manometry is an important part of the evaluation process for patients who may have gastroesophageal reflux disorder.


Our pathology department have some very experienced and dedicated pathologists who impart their experience and knowledge into dissecting every knook and corner of the specimens to arrive at the most accurate diagnosis.

All the histo pathological armamentarium needed for even the rarest of diseases has been installed so as not to miss out even the rarest of diseases. Rest assured your pathological diagnosis will be done by few of the best pathologists in the country.

Attendant Services

Taking care of someone sick is nothing short of a full-time job. Our caretakers do everything from supporting your patient’s mobility, maintaining hygiene, feeding, to helping in exercise.

Free Ola and Uber services

Do not worry if you are not from the city. We assist you right from booking the cab to making the journey safer to you.


We take it on priority to maintain our facility clean and hygiene. Our housekeeping staff are always on the toes to keep every corner of the hospital tidy.

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