SIICP part of four clinical trials on newer surgical techniques in digestive diseases

India is conducting five major clinical trials for newer surgical techniques in digestive diseases. This is even as 50% of the cases in India in the 50 years age-group manifests the condition.

Smiles International Institute of Colo-Proctology (SIICP) is proud to be a part of the research trail for laser hemorrhoidoplasty.

SIICP being the pioneer of innovation in the field of colorectal treatment and surgery has successfully performed 14,000 surgeries. Most of the colorectal disorders are treated with minimal invasive procedure using advanced instruments like laser, DGHAL RAR, radiofrequency and laparoscopic techniques. With focus on less recovery period, our operative procedures are designed to be painless and bloodless. Also around 85,000 of its patients were successfully treated without surgery. Our specialists know that nearly 90% suffering from digestive diseases can be cured if they adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Hemorrhoids from Constipation -by Dr. Parameshwara C M

Following are the excerpts from Dr. Parameshwara C M interview with Kannada popular newspaper Vijayavani. To read full interview click here.

Hemorrhoids are one of the most common problems that can cause swelling blood vessels in the bottom area i.e. anal canal. 50 percent of people above 50 years of age suffer from hemorrhoids. However, this problem can be lifted and controlled by lifestyle.

Dr Parameshwara C M

What's the reason?

As the age increases the risk of hemorrhoids is higher. Hemorrhoids appear in severe conditions such as severe constipation, acute diarrhea, continuous weight loss, difficulty in pregnancy or defecation. 



  • Feeling that your stomach is always full.
  • Pain during bowel movements
  • Bleeding in stools
  • Blood clots or tumors appear around the anus.
  • Anal pain, lipoprotein, tumors, red lines,
  • Lumps on the underwear.

Top Home Remedies

  • Exercise regularly
  • Do not sit in the toilet for long
  • Soft cleansing the area after defecation.
  • Use coconut oil to piles. It helps in controlling itching.
  • Use fresh alovera to the burning area. 
  • Sleeping on the left side reduces stress on the stomach and the pain.
  • Use loose cotton clothes.
  • Avoid sitting for a long time. The pressure on the rectum occurs while sitting. 
  • Warm water baths are good. It is best to sit in a warm water tub

Don’t worry if you are suffering from these symptoms and even if the home remedies didn’t help you. For many, Piles can be cured without piles surgery. Only 10% of patients suffering from hemorrhoids need surgery. At SIICP, we have excelled in providing simple, modern painless and bloodless laser treatment to cure you.

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What causes colorectal cancer? by Dr. Parameshwara C M

Dr. Parameshwara CM

JAN 08 2019, 01:00AM IST

As more than 90% of the cases of colorectal cancer are encountered in people over the age of 50 years.

Age and lifestyle are the main factors that cause colorectal cancer. Physical inactivity, increased alcohol consumption, smoking, and irregular and unhealthy diet are the major risk factors. Some of the recent studies have shown that a diet with a low fibre and high-fat content can lead to colorectal cancer, which is a common trait of western fast food. Apart from these, drinking water less than the recommended amount can also lead to the deterioration of natural bowel system and induce the development of polyps. Age also plays a crucial role, as more than 90% of the cases of colorectal cancer are encountered in people over the age of 50 years.

What are the symptoms?

At times, people may not see any symptoms during the early stage of colorectal cancer or they may experience some changes in their bowel habits. The symptoms of rectal cancer include diarrhea or constipation constantly occurring for nearly four weeks or more, rectal bleeding or blood in stool, abdominal pain, stomach cramps, or gastritis. Colorectal cancer can also co-exist with hemorrhoids or fissure. The affected person has the feeling that bowel doesn’t empty properly. These adversities further lead to weakness, fatigue and weight loss. The intensity of these symptoms also varies depending upon the stage of cancer and its location in the body.

If patients experience intermittent abdominal pain, irregular bowel movements, loss of weight and passage of blood during defecation, they should seek a doctor’s help.

What are the other types of digestive diseases?

Diseases of the digestive system can affect the whole body if not addressed in time with proper treatment or medical counselling. Some of the common digestive diseases include GERD, gall stones, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, haemorrhoids, etc. Here are some of the most common problems:

  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)Repetitive stomach pain or irritating bowel for a long time can be a symptom of irritable bowel syndrome. Generally identified with symptoms like chronic constipation, diarrhoea, or bloating, IBS is a very common disease among 10-15% of the world’s population.
  • Gallstones: These are hard deposits in the gallbladder, and are usually a result of excessive cholesterol or waste in bile. Medication or surgery is the only solution for this disease.
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD): GERD is one of the most common digestive diseases that is often characterised as burning pain in the middle of the chest or upper abdomen. Commonly named as ‘heartburn’, it occurs when stomach acids back up into oesophagus creating an acid reflux. Doctors usually recommend antacids and analgesics.
  • Ulcerative colitis: A celiac disease that’s related to gluten sensitivity, ulcerative colitis causes bowel inflammation, mainly in the large intestine.
  • Haemorrhoids: These result in inflammation of the blood vessels in the digestive tract and blood in the stool.

Apart from these, the formation of polyps under uncommon health conditions may lead to dreaded diseases like stomach cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer and colorectal cancer.

Busy lifestyle and irregular food habits have severely impacted human health. India, in particular, has encountered an increase in digestive diseases over years.

Original source: what causes colo-rectal cancer?

Woman suffering with obstructive defecation since 26 years treated in city

ODS is common among women aged between 45 and 60. Between 2% to 30% of people in the Western world are afflicted with chronic constipation, and 30% to 50% of them have ODS.

City doctors cured a Mysuru woman of chronic constipation, for which she had been consulting doctors for 26 years.

Hema (name changed) got the disorder treated recently at Smiles International Institute of Colo-Proctology (SIICP) in Mathikere.

Doctors at the institute diagnosed her with obstructive defecation syndrome (ODS), also known as ‘iceberg syndrome’, and performed a Stapled Transanal Rectal Resection procedure on her.

Hema is doing well after the surgery.

ODS is common among women aged between 45 and 60. Between 2% to 30% of people in the Western world are afflicted with chronic constipation, and 30% to 50% of them have ODS.

‘Complex disease’ 

Doctors describe ODS as a complex disease that is difficult to diagnose and needs to be treated in multiple ways.

Patients get a sensation of blocked defecation and will find it harder to empty the rectal contents. This will make them endure prolong and unnecessary strain.

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Colorectal Cancer – A Clear Danger

Eight months after Bharat Reddy, 39, had a surgery for piles, his symptoms that also included rectal bleeding did not improve. Our experts did a thorough evaluation of the patient and diagnosed that Reddy had rectal cancer. Physicians at SIICP performed a Low Anterior Resection on Reddy. It has been 15 days and he is recovering now. But our doctor say that his case is among the many rising incidents of colorectal cancer.

Since rectal bleeding is a common symptom, associated with piles and other colo-rectal disorders, it is easy to miss it. Our founder and chief Dr Parameshwara CM says, “A patient who is bleeding from the rectum must be aware that they may not have piles alone and that they may also have rectal cancer or colon cancer. Such patients should seek the help of a healthcare professional or a super-specialist.

Explaining the symptoms of colorectal, Dr Parameshwara said, “Physical inactivity, increased alcohol consumption, smoking, and irregular and unhealthy diet are the major risk factors. Some recent studies have shown that a diet with low-fibre and high-fat can lead to colorectal cancer. Western fast food is an example of low-fibre, high-fat diet as is a diet rich in red meat and processed meat.”

What is concerning is that people may not experience any symptoms during the early stage of colorectal cancer. At most, they may experience some changes in their bowel habits. Dr Parameshwara C M added, “The symptoms of rectal cancer include diarrhoea or constipation occurring constantly for nearly four weeks or longer, rectal bleeding or blood in the stool, abdominal pain, stomach cramps, or gastritis. Colorectal cancer can also coexist with haemorrhoids or fissures.”

Painless, Bloodless & Minimally Invasive Surgeries

At SIICP, we are specialized in painless, bloodless and minimally invasive procedures. Minimal invasive procedures are preferred as they involve less post-operative pain, low secondary infection rate, fewer post-operative complications and fast recovery. Also, the wounds caused by the surgery are very small.

With hectic schedules, we don’t have the luxury of spending many days for recovery. At SIICP, all our treatments are quick and require care no more than 24 hours at our hospital. You can get back to your normal life within a day with our doctor advised post-operative care.

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1 in 4 Bangaloreans at risk of Colo-rectal cancer

Colo-rectal cancer is the third most common cancer after lung, breast and cervical cancers. In India, Colon cancer stands fourth among men and third among women.

With cancer becoming the second leading cause of death globally, 1 in 4 young Bangalurean is at risk of Colo-rectal cancer.

Smiles IICP Founder & Chief Colo-rectal surgeon Dr. Parameshwara C M – Best Colo-rectal cancer specialist in Bangalore suggest simple lifestyle changes to prevent colon cancer.

  • Limit alcohol
  • Quit smoking
  • Eat healthy
  • Maintain normal weight
  • Be physically active
  • Get screened on regular basis

With regular screening, more than 50% of colon cancer deaths can be prevented.

Consult experts at Smiles IICP for more information about Colorectal cancer.

SIICP is awarded as one of the “10 Most Promising Medical Tourism Companies – 2018”

SIICP is proud to be awarded as one of the “10 Most Promising Medical Tourism Companies – 2018” by Silicon India – Healthcare.

Dr. Parameshwara C M – Founder of SMILES International Institute of Colo-Proctology (SIICP) has changed tha face of colo-rectal disorders treatment that affects atleast 50 percent of the populationa once in their life time.

SIICP is proud to boast our equipment (India’s first 4th generation Laser machine) and facilities that meet global standards to treat colorectal disorders like Piles, Constipation, Fissure, Fistula, IBS, Rectal Prolapse, Pilonidal Sinus, Digestive diseases and other.

SIICP – Re-defining the shape of Colorectal treatments with Minimally Invasive, Painless, Bloodless & Cost effective procedures to everyone.

At SIICP, Medical tourism is not just about treatments, we strive to provide the best medical facilities along with best amenities for every international patient.

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Swachatha Abhiyan Workshop in Mandya on 2nd October

SMILES IICP & SD Jayaram Group together organised “Swachatha Abhiyan & Health Workshop” in Mandya on the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on 2nd October 2018. Workshop aimed to create awareness and educate the public about the necessity of clean environment for a healthy society.

Among some of the elite dignitaries attended the event, Dr. Madesh stressed the need of taking responsibility for a clean environment inturn for a healthy life in rural areas.

Dr. Parameshwara C M – Founder of SMILES IICP & SDJ Hospital announced a FREE Health Camp on 12th & 13th October 2018 where free health checkups and surgeries will be performed for Fissure, Fistula, Piles and other colo-rectal disorders.


We urge everyone to utilise this opportunity and get screened.

Clean Environment for a Healthy Society.