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Who is a Quack?

A quack is a person who pretends publicly to have a skill or knowledge they do not possess. A quackery is a way to promote unqualified skill in the medical field. Typically they have no knowledge of modern medicine and no qualification to treat the patients.

In the recent past, many patients visiting SIICP often complain about going through the pain for years even after consulting quack doctors multiple times.

Eradicate Quackery and Save the lives of millions.

Our chief surgeon Dr. Parameshwara C M encountered many cases in his experience who had suffered a lot because of quacks and their treatment methods. He even lost one of his dear friend due to the negligence of a quack while getting treated for piles/hemorrhoids, which has impacted his thoughts about the spread of quackery in India and how to protect us from quackery. Similar scenarios inspired Dr. Parameshwara C M to found SIICP (Smiles International Institute of Colo-Proctology Pvt Ltd) to eradicate quackery to save the lives of millions.

Eradicate Quackery- Save Lives

Thousands of quacks are practicing throughout the country with no medical degree, training, or license to treat patients. Quackery is one leading cause of deaths. And quacks are playing with the lives of people.

Quakery is prevailing in many forms. However, quacks are making use of the modern technology like the internet to promote themselves.

Some of the quacks are actually clueless of their doings. Under the names of home-remedies, acupuncture and alternative medicine, they treat without proper medical history which can lead to critical complications and irreversible damage.

Spot A Quack

To protect yourself from quackery, it is essential to be able to recognize or spot  the quacks. Here are some steps how you can spot a quack and save your and the your loved ones life.

  • Check for Qualifications: The Indian Medical Association issues a certificate which every doctor must frame. If there is no name or name with incomplete qualifications is susceptible.
  • Pill Pushers: Prescribing medication after medication without any knowledge of how they react is a major warning sign.
  • Running no tests: If the doctor does not run tests and pushes medication as a fix-all, you must be suspicious.
  • Ask Questions: If the doctor doesn’t explain how the medicines work and explain side effects, it’s worth suspecting.
  • Quacks do not bother about a person’s previous medical history and background.

Signs you are being treated by Quack

  • Treating non-existence conditions: There is nothing better for enhancing a quack’s cash flow than allowing treatment for nonexistence conditions. The practitioner can treat it until the client has run out of money. However, the practitioner would greatly say you that ‘you are completely healthy now’. Of course, this is true as you have been healthy before. Make sure that the diagnosis is correct; if necessary consult a real health care professional.

  • It must get worse before it gets better: Quacks tell patients that things have to get worse before they get better.  So, after receiving the regular treatments patients feel not better but worse. They call this a healing crisis. So when you hear the term ‘healing crisis’,  find a real doctor to help you with your condition.

  • Detoxification: Quacks surprise their patients by saying that they are being poisoned. Subsequently, they insist that they need to ‘detox’. None of the alternative therapies there to detox your body does eliminate any toxin. Body organs take care of most of the toxins you expose to. If any of these organs fail you are more likely to need intensive care.

Why you should opt for a qualified doctor?

Medical doctors go through a lot of training before obtaining their license. Further, the relevant authorities will also scrutinize them well. And monitor their actions just to ensure that they offer the best services to the patients.

  • Doctors are qualified to prescribe medications, perform medical procedures and surgeries.
  • Gives required health suggestions.
  • Qualified doctors specialize in various medical areas, such as proctology, pediatrics or cardiology.
  • They earn a doctoral degree in medicine and participate in clinical training and workshops.
  • They, take all medical histories, inspect patients and interpret diagnostic tests.
  • Doctors counsel patients on diet, hygiene, and preventive healthcare.

Do not damage your health which costs your happiness and life sometime by consulting a quack and paying a lot of money. Realise now and realise for bteer health that you should always consult a qualified medical professional to treat your health problems.

Opt for Qualified Doctors opinoin.
Opt for SIICP.

Let us together eradicate quacks and build a Healthy India, Happy India.

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