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Dr. Parameshwara C M

Chief Colorectal Surgeon & Founder

Experience:  18 Years
Education: MBBS, MS, FIAS, FISCP, Fellowship in Colo-Proctology (US), Certified Laser Surgeon (Germany), Advanced Management Program in Healthcare – ISB, Hyd.

A passionate dreamer who dedicated his life to serving millions by excelling at what he does the best. He ventured into the less taken path of proctology after seeing many a case where quacks ruined the lives of innocent people. He created ripples in the world of proctology by advocating his strong ideas about open air defecation & preventive healthcare for lifestyle disorders. He trained hundreds of surgeons to expand his vision across India and performed more than 14000 surgeries and 1,00,000 OPDs. He treated and cured 85,000 patients without surgery.

Dr. Pavithra

senior colorectal physician

Experience: 12 Years
Education: BAMS, Fellow in Colo-Proctology

A senior colorectal physician at SMILES IICP, an expert in treating female patients suffering with colorectal disorders. She is  making life easier for many women in pregnancy where the rate of colo-rectal disorders is more and is increasing constantly. Her soft and composed personality makes it easy for the patients to approach her and female patients find it very comfortable to discuss their issues with her.

Dr. Prasad

SENIOR Consultant & HOD - Gastroenterology

Experience: 30 Years
Education: MBBS, MD (Gen), DM (Gastro)

Dr. KVS Prasad is one of the best Gastroenterologist in the country with an impeccable experience of 30 years in managing emergency & non – emergency Gastrointestinal and Liver cases including all varieties of Endoscopy including E.R.C.P. and related Therapeutic Interventional Techniques. His experience in treating a huge number of different & strange cases, his soft personality and linguistic expertise in more than six languages marks him as one of the finest doctors with high clinical success rate in treating patients. 

Dr. Karthik

Senior Colorectal surgeon

Experience: 8 Years
Education: MBBS, MS, Fellow in Colo-Proctology

Dr. Karthik is the medical director of our Mandya center, Mandya Smiles – A unit of SIICP. He has an extensive expertise in performing all kinds of minimally invasive Colorectal procedures and performed more than 3,000 procedures for colorectal patients. He strives to cure every patient without recurring issues. And he also works very passionately to increase the awareness about healthy lifestyle and colo-rectal disorders in the rural masses.

Dr. Ranjith

Consultant - Colorectal surgeon

Experience: 4 Years
Education: MBBS, MS (General Surgery), Fellow in Endoscopy, Fellow in Laparoscopy 

Dr. Ranjith is one of our young and dynamic colorectal surgeon who is trained extensively under our Chief Colo-rectal surgeon Dr Parameshwara C M for 8 years. He is always very passionate to learn and implement the latest techniques and procedures in colo-rectal practice for the best clinical results. He is regarded as the best by the patients for his attention to the detail and care to the patient during OPD, while perform surgeries and guiding through pre and post OP counselling.

Dr. Vijay


Experience: 19 Years
Education: MBBS, MD – Pathology

Dr. Vijay has been associated with SMILES IICP since its inception. He has immense experience in the field of pathology with many publications in National and international journals. Have reviewed manuscripts in various national and international journals. Currently he is the editor of “Journal of Medical Sciences and health” and also in the editorial board of Indian journal of Pathology & Oncology.  Also, he holds the position of Hon Secretary of Karnataka chapter of Indian Association of Pathologists and Microbiologists from 2013.

Dr. Anil Khandekar

Consultant Radiologist

Experience: 5 Years
Education: MBBS, DMRD

Dr. Anil is very well trained and experienced for performing “Transrectal” scans which needs lot of training, clinical practice and clinical acumen. With years of practice he is now one of the best in the state of Karnataka in performing Transrectal Ultrasound and diagnosis of simple and complex Fistulas. He takes time to explain the details about the process to make patient feel comfortable while performing transrectal ultrasound scans.

Dr. Madesh

Senior colorectal physician

Experience: 10 Years 
Education: BDS, Trained in Colo-Proctology

Dr. Madesh has a very wide clinical acumen in the field of color-ectal practice with more than 25,000 colo-rectal consultations in his experience. He is a highly acclaimed Colo-rectal Surgeon who educated lakhs of families about prevention of colo-rectal diseases with regular campaigns. He also delivers lectures and workshops to organised groups to raise the awareness about colo-rectal diseases and to increase the interest in colo-rectal practice.


Dr. Surjya Kanta Mohanty

Sr Consultant and Group Administrative Head

Education: MD

Dr. Mohanty is Group administrative head and Senior consultant of Axon Anesthesia Associates. Anesthesia services at Smiles Hospital are provided by Axon Anesthesia Associates and they strongly believe in providing safe and quality anesthesia for patients undergoing surgery.


Dr. Amjad Maniar

Consultant Anesthesiologist

Education: MD

Dr. Amjad Maniar is Consultant Anesthesiologist from AXON Anesthesia associates. AXON provides the largest and most successful anesthesia services in the country with focus on serving the patient international medical care.


Dr. Chaithannya N.S.

Consultant Anesthesiologist

Education: D.A., M.D., D.N.B

Consultant Anesthesiologist from AXON anesthesia associates with immense experience in assisting with anesthesia services for successful surgery procedures at SIICP.


Dr. Rammurthy Kulkarni

Consultant Anesthesiologist & Chronic Pain Specialist

Education: M.D., FIPP

Consultant anesthesiologist & chronic pain specialist from AXON anesthesia associates providing services at SIICP. His experience adds up to the skill level and the success rate of surgeries.

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