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5 Benefits Of Regular Excercise

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The benefits of regular physical exercise are beyond just weight management. Regular routine of physical exercise provides you with numerous benefits.

  1. Increases Strength
    Regular exercise increases the strength of muscles, joints, bones, lungs and immune system. This increases the intake of oxygen and nutrients which thus boosts your energy.
  2. Controls Weight
    Losing weight is directly proportional to the number of calories you burn. Being physically more active helps you burn these calories. But don’t burn the calories of a whole week in a single day. Maintain the consistency.
  3. Boosts Mood
    Your body feels light and your mood brightens up definitely. You can clearly differentiate between a day when you hit the gym and a lazy day.
  4. Better Sleep
    Exercise is a key factor in improving sleep quality. More time spent sweating can actually boost the quality of your sleep.
  1. Prevents Health risks
    Exercise lowers your blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart stroke & diabetes, lowers the risk of cancer and increases body’s resistance to chronic diseases.
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