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3 ‘A’s of Health Care

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The Iron Triangle of Health Care is a concept developed by William Kissick, the father of Medicare. He describes three health care issues which are the primary concerns of all health care systems and that operate in a dynamic and complex relationship: Affordability(cost), Quality, and Accessibility. The Triangle is Iron because it is generally difficult to have a low-cost, high quality, wide access health care system. But at SIICP,
we continuously strive to make a balance among the 3As Affordable, Accessible and Advanced care.

Having an affordable, accessible and advanced care within the reach is the basic need of any human to lead a comfortable life.


The most simple of the corners to understand. This is merely a question of how much does health care cost. The goal is always to reduce cost as much as possible because that allows more people to afford health care which leads to a more healthy and productive population.

According to India’s draft National Health Policy 2015, the country’s out-of-pocket (OoP) expenditure for health (at 60% of total health expenditure) is one of the highest in the world. This forces 55 million Indian into vicious debt cycle and affects access to affordable healthcare. 47% of hospital admissions in rural and urban India respectively are financed by loans and sale of assets.

Understanding all the concerns, at SIICP, we provide support to many patients through SMILES foundation considering their financial status. At SIICP clinics, you also have the facility of paying through your insurance coverage.


Access is not just the single question of do you have a doctor nearby. Distance and Cost plays a major role in access. If health care is too expensive to afford, then people lack access due to affordability. If health care is so low quality as to be ineffective, then people lack access to effective health care.

To be accessible to every one who are in need of colo-rectal treatments, SIICP aims to establish a network of around 300 SIICP clinics worldwide.


With the current life style habits, people are more tend to incur chronic and lifestyle diseases and it increases the need of advanced and quality medical facilities with in the reach.

At SIICP, our surgeons are well qualified and well versed with the latest treatment methodologies available to treat. They undergo continuous training to make sure they give the best care you deserve.
Our clinics also provide state-of-the-art facilities to make the life of the patient comfortable.

  • All the Theatres have an automated climatization system and completely filtered ventilation which include passageways as well as accesses.
  • The operating Theatres all have standardized equipment with state of the art technology and provide the following:

    Direct access to the computerized Medical History from inside the theatre.
    GE artificial respirators.
    Haemodynamic monitors (invasive and non-invasive) with heart monitor, neurological monitor and CO2 reading.

  • Fully electronic operating tables with accessories for all procedures.
    Triple medical gas points with evacuation of anaesthetic gases.
  • Pre-anaesthesia zone adjacent to each operating theatre.
    Recovery room for post anaesthesia patient monitoring.

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